10 tips for using Facebook Ads

10 tips for using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads. We’ve all seen them, but have you used them for your business? With smartphone users checking facebook on average 14 times a day you could be missing out. I’ve put my top tips for running Facebook Ads into a handy list to help you utilise them and make the most of your platform.

1. Launch vs Evergreen

There are two ways of running Facebook Ads. The first is a launch. For a launch all of your budget is used is a short period of time (usually 2 weeks) to reach as many people as possible. These ads are high energy, quick and vibrant. They’re planned out campaigns that will be edited very little during their run.
The second is Evergreen ads. These are ads that run month after month with a stretched out budget. Evergreen ads can be tweaked whilst they run to ensure the maximum return. It’s always best to start with a launch campaign and follow it with Evergreen ads. This way you reach a wide audience in the beginning, then tailor your ads to target that audience.

2. Less is more

As tempting as it can be, don’t promote more than one thing at once. Keep it simple and focus on one product or service. Once that has taken off, you can switch to another part of your business.
For example, you may have multiple products in your portfolio. Don’t try and promote all the different products at once. Choose your best performing product, launch it and follow up with Evergreen ads. Once this product is looking after itself you can start looking at launching your other products.

3. Don’t make it too perfect

We all see ads on social media. You can spot some of them from a mile away, right? That’s because they don’t look like the content your friend’s share. Natural, simple content will perform better because it’s more in line with the organic posts on your audience’s timeline. Rather than spend thousands of pounds on a professional video shoot, strip it all back. Focus on the message. A video candidly speaking directly to the camera could grab the attention of your audience and be more relatable. You’re opening a door for them to connect with what you’re telling them.

4. Test multiple formats

You’ve created an ad, put it live, now what? Create another! You’ll never learn if you only use one format. Split your budget over multiple ads, each one with different graphics in different styles. You’ll quickly learn what your audience responds to.

5. Make sure everything matches

Your ads will lead to your audience cto click through to a website. Does the ad match what the audience sees when they click through? You want to latch on to their confirmation bias, this looks like what I thought it would, it must be right. If you don’t it can’t plant a seed of doubt in your audience’s mind, causing them to back out of their purchase.

6. Messenger is just as important

Most of us have a mailing list for our business with an open rate is usually around 15-20%. But did you know that messenger has an open rate of 80%? If you’re sending it in your mailer only to be seen by 15% of your list, why not send it out in messenger too? You can announce new products, when a deal is about to run out, any updates you may have that will lead to an increase in sales.

7. Say it more than once

Just because you’ve put your message out there, doesn’t mean everyone has seen it. Repetition is key. Tell your audience something 10 times and on the eleventh they’ll engage. With information flooding our feeds there will always be posts we miss. Keep sharing, even if you think you’re repeating yourself.

8. Be specific

Facebook gives you the option to tailor your audience. Do it! You can get as specific as you like. Find that person who is your perfect customer and target them. You can focus on age, location, interests and more. Use this tool, as it will ensure the people your ads reach will be interested in what you have to offer. There’s no point in advertising a London event perfect for hen parties to a bunch of 45-year-old married men in Herefordshire.

9. Use the tried and tested format

When creating ads, stick to the format.

Question – Ask your audience a question. Do they want to be adventurous? Have they grown tired of the same…?

Credibility – Prove that you know what you’re talking about. Are you an expert in your field? Does your product have a history?

Call to action – Tell them what to do. Click the button to buy now. Click below to sign up. Buy tickets today.

It’s been proven to work time and time again. Trust me.

10. Get return on your investment

Facebook Ads are an investment. On average the return is two to one, but it can go as high as three. The more you spend, the higher the return, but be careful. Build up your budget as you learn what works for your business. Using the tips above you’ll be able to perfect your ads so that a return will always be guaranteed. It takes time, so don’t expect to turn around tomorrow and have thousands of pounds because of your Facebook Ads. Be patient and track your campaigns closely.

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