Amsterdam Guide: Things to do

Amsterdam Guide: Things to do

After visiting Amsterdam multiple times, I’ve been looking for new things to do around the city. I’ve done a lot of the big touristy things and each time I visit I want to get a bit closer to real Amsterdam life. The city is really geared up for plenty of visitors, so there’s far more than the Van Gogh museum (even though that is well worth a visit if you haven’t been). Here’s a couple that I enjoyed on my latest trip.

Foam, photography gallery

Foam is a brilliant gallery for spending an hour in. This little gallery is in the centre of Amsterdam but isn’t stuffed full of tourists. When I visited there’s was an exhibition on by Tyler Mitchell called I can make you feel good.
Tyler’s work is inspired by pictures you often see from Tumbler (you know the ones of sensual, young white models having fun). He decided to create the same style of photographs, but using women of colour. It was beautiful. It made me realise how ‘white-washed’ my perception of photography is.
The exhibitions change, but from my experience, I would certainly go back to see what they have on next.
Entry is €12.50 per adult, which I think was fair for this little gallery. You can book your tickets online or purchase them at the desk on the day.

De Hortus, botanical garden

De Hortus is in East Amsterdam is one of my favourite spots to visit. This little botanical garden has so many interesting plants and even a butterfly house. I’d say allow about two hours for here, as even though it’s small you’ll want to read about each of the plants, take pictures and of course, immerse yourself in all those butterflies.

Moco, modern art museum

In my research for things to do in Amsterdam, I came across Moco and couldn’t believe I hadn’t been there before. This modern museum is in the heart of the museum district and is surprisingly quieter than the surrounding museums.
They’re most known for housing a significant amount of Banksy pieces but have many other artists as well. The best thing about Moco? You can take pictures. Snap away until your heart is full. There are even a few spots specifically designed for picture taking.
It’s €15 per adult for entry, but tickets are cheaper online if you buy them in advance. The shop has some great prints and t-shirts, so I’d recommend planning a little purchase in your budget.

Hopefully, this has given you some new ideas for your next trip to Amsterdam. If you’re looking for places to eat, why not check out my Amsterdam Guide: Food blog post here.
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