Andi’s, Stoke Newington

Andi’s, Stoke Newington

Andi Oliver (Great British Menu judge) has officially settled in Stoke Newington. Opening up Andi’s on Church Street she is really showing her own style of food. After heading here on their soft launch weekend I headed back for lunch to see how they’d been getting on.



I love the interior design of Andi’s. Pastel yellow and pink walls remind me of Rhubarb and Custard sweets, whilst the copper light accents and gold circular mirror give it a real modern feel. There are plants dotted about everywhere and I’m a firm believer in plants improving any space. My favourite ones were the floating vases of wild flowers on one wall. I had to work really hard to figure out how the bloody hell they attached them to the wall. The brown wooden furniture is a little bit mix matched, but has obviously been specifically chosen.



The lunch/ brunch menu is a little bit different to your usual menu. There’s a lot of options to customise your dish, which is nice, but I don’t really feel like making those decisions all the time. What if I chose three ingredients that ended up tasting really weird together? Then I’ve just gone and ruined my own meal. I’d bet a hell of a lot of money though that the team there would be happy to recommend a combination. The customisable options did also mean there appeared to be more vegetarian options. 10 points for that!



Drinks wise, it had to be a smoothie. I had their Beetroot one (Can’t remember the name of it because I’m a little bit useless), which was delicious. I had to slow down on drinking it because I am apparently still a child and could easily fill up on my drink before my food comes. I can’t be the only one who still does that though?


I chose the Baked eggs and customised it by adding Roast Garlic and Onion cream, Roast Tomatoes, Halloumi and toast on the side. It actually went rather well together if I do say so myself. I definitely didn’t need the toast though and felt a bit greedy afterwards for ordering it.


The overall experience was bit wobbly (our food took over half an hour to come, but the staff did apologies) and my other half was served a serious amount of burnt toast (see below picture). It would have been nice for someone to acknowledge the huge pile of burnt bread left on his plate at the end of the meal. BUT we did have a nice time and I do really love the setting of Andi’s. I hope to go back again and fingers crossed some of the wobbles will have been ironed out.


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