Cans are the future

Cans are the future

I have a new obsession this summer. It’s been building for some time, but now it’s fully flourished.
I love drinking from a can. Love it. It’s easy, eco-friendly and above all, it makes your drink taste better. I’ll be honest, once I saw the photos of Dianne Abbott drinking a can of mojito on the overground I knew this trend was only going to get bigger.

Now, I’m not talking about cans of beer here. They’re not my cup of tea and the market has plenty of those. I’m talking about canned wines, cocktails and highballs. I find them fascinating. You may have even seen a few popping up in your local supermarket.

I first delved into the world on canned wines on my trip to America in January (Yes, I never finished my blog posts on it, my bad). I was blown away by the variety, packaging and quality. This was the convenient drinking I needed. So I did what any reasonable person would do and bought every interesting one I saw, popped them in my suitcase and carried them back to my north-east London flat. Some I drank, but many are placed awkwardly on a bookshelf waiting for the right special occasion.

But that’s not what canned drinks are about. They’re for those spur of the moment occasions, the times where you find yourself in the park creating memories that will last a lifetime. When you’re on the train home after a hard day at work. They provide high-quality drinking, without all the faff. I mean, who wants to carry bottles of wine around or an entire bottle of gin with tonics to match.

So ever since that first trip, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for canned drinks here in the UK. After some searching on Instagram, I discovered Sincerely Sabella. A spritz in a can. As someone who has drunk many Aperol Spritzes in her time, I knew this was something special. Sincerely Sabella is made up of Italian white wine and blood orange juice (as well as other ingredients) and is just 5%. It’s vibrant and full of life. This is the kind of drink you want to crack open on the journey home on Friday to really get the weekend going.

It’s dry and yet refreshing. There’s none of that clawing sweetness on the finish, just the tingle of bubbles and that instantly recognisable blood orange flavour.
This is on the go drinking at it’s finest. You don’t have to miss out on quality or flavour and it makes your life easier. Who doesn’t want that?

I was kindly gifted some cans of Sincerely Sabella, but all opinions are my own (no one’s taking credit for my love of canned drinks).

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