Clutch, Shoreditch

Clutch, Shoreditch

You may be thinking, Hebe, this is a restaurant that specialises in chicken & you’re a vegetarian, how does that work? Well, if you’re a long-time vege like me you’ll be well aware of the ‘order all the sides’ technique. Clutch do have a great looking vegan burger, but to be perfectly honest I just didn’t feel like a big ass burger. I am sure I’ll be having it on my next visit though.

Clutch has the most amazing interiors. The simplicity is what really grabbed my attention. Green velvet and brass seats, matched with green glass tables and black walls make the food really pop. There is very little on the walls apart from a neon sign reading ‘What’s the story?’. The floor has been painted in diagonal black and white stripes that draw your eye to the bar where there is an impressive, curated booze collection. 

After a quick browse of the menu, we placed our order and began chatting away. Suddenly drinks and food were in front of us and I can honestly say I have never seen quicker service. 

We started with a little portion of Kimchi to share, which came with a sesame sauce. I inhaled it, whilst gulping on a glass of El Blanco de Lela del Mar (Savignon Blanc). The Kimchi had the perfect balance of spice, crunch and zing, just what you need to prepare your stomach for a stampede of food.

For my main course, I ordered three dishes, carter Courgette, twice fried fries and a baby plum tomato & burrata salad. 
The carter courgettes were described as lightly pickled, so I was surprised to find them quite sweet rather than sharp. They were served with baked goats curd and sunflower seed dust, a match made in heaven. I would highly recommend these when you fancy something to refresh your palate.

The baby plum tomato & burrata salad was exactly what I was expecting. Fresh tomatoes with creamy cheese is always a winner for me, but I did particularly enjoy the addition of thinly sliced onions.  

The star of any meal for me is always the chips. I love potatoes in every form and can never resist the temptation to add on that side of fried goodness. The detail of the paper around the fries matching the floor gave me goosebumps. I mean that is real attention to detail. The fries were fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside and not too salty. Perfect.
To accompany my fries there was an option of six sauces. I would list them, but really you only need to know about the truffle aioli. It was insane. Never have I been so pleased with a dip. 

After devouring all that food I was stuffed. When I can’t manage a dessert I always find a cocktail can fill that sweet void. I knew Clutch stocked Ban Poitin (If you don’t know it, it’s delicious, completely legal and an excellent base for a cocktail.) and thought it would be very tasty in some form of espresso martini. The team whipped us up bespoke Ban Poitin Espresso martinis with a splash of chilli and it was just what we needed. 
The perfect end to a wonderful Sunday afternoon lunch. 

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