Escocesa, Stoke Newington

Escocesa, Stoke Newington

You know that feeling, you’re hungry, you’re too hungry to even think. That’s how I often end up in Escocesa.
Tapas is getting bigger and bigger and I completely understand why. However hungry you think you are, there’s something for everyone. Escocesa do this so well, with Scottish seafood, hijacked on the way to Spain.

The decor is rough and ready. Vintage furniture, neon word lights and an open kitchen bar. It instantly makes you feel relaxed and at home.


We ordered around 5/6 dishes between two of us and it seriously filled us up. As a vegetarian I had Patatas Bravas (a must every time), Pan Con Tomate (very close to a simplified Bruschetta), Courgette Flower stuffed with goat’s cheese and Empedrat – white bean & roasted pepper salad.


My other half eats meat, so he also had some fish dishes, a speciality at Escocesa.


Everything was delicious, but I did find the salad had a bit too much oil on it for me (As you can see in the image below). It was a dish I hadn’t had there before and I think it still needs a bit more work.


I would suggest sitting at the bar when you visit, it’s fascinating watching the chefs cooking all the dishes. As you can see from the image below, you really are very close to all the action.


Drinks wise, go for a Sherry or a Gin and Tonic. I had a “Gin Special”, which was Gin Sea (One of my favourites and really hard to find in London), tonic, Pink Pepper and Ginger. Beautifully refreshing and huuuuuuge!

The only sour note to the evening was getting the bill. It took forever to get someone’s attention and then I had to go up to the bar to pay. There were a lot of staff there, but because the bar wasn’t their section they ignored us. A shame after such a lovely meal.

Overall, the food and drinks are delicious and we will be back again.

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