Getting over my fast fashion addiction

Getting over my fast fashion addiction

I’m on a mission. Not a secret mission, not a religious mission, just a personal one. I’ve always been a big fan of fashion, but I also am becoming increasingly aware of how my decisions are affecting the planet and the world I’m leaving for my children (future, let’s not get ahead of ourselves). Because of this, I made the decision last month to spend the rest of the year only buying second-hand clothes and shoes. I’ve always happily bought second-hand items, but I’ve also been a real sucker for that fast fashion lifestyle. It’s hurt my bank account and to be perfectly honest I don’t have a lot to show for it.

Since I decided to make this change, my main sources for clothing have been Charity shops. I’m very lucky to have some brilliant ones just around the corner from the flat which I try to visit once a week. This way I get to see the new in and snap up those killer pieces quickly. It does take up quite a bit of time to do it properly and you will have to trawl through some rubbish to find that one diamond.

I’m a very methodical shopper and my advice is to go in and carefully go through every single rail. Some places will organise by size, others by style and some by colour. I find organisation by size the easiest, it means there’s no chance of seeing an absolute gem to then discover it’s not my size. This did happen once and I tried to squeeze myself into it. Almost had to call for help with my boobs hanging out. That does lead to my next recommendation, try it on. Unlike your high street shop, you can’t return these items if they give you a saggy bum, so you better check that shit before you find out at home.

Now I understand not everyone has a Charity shop full of amazing pieces right on their doorstep. I myself have only discovered a couple in my immediate area and I’m in the heart of London.  So when I’m looking for more specific pieces I turn to second-hand apps. Depop and Mercari and the best ones I’ve found so far, but if you know of any more please do let me know! These apps allow you to search for brands and have the option to filter the results. Your getting the exact same features as a fashion website, but are paying way less, helping individuals and the planet.  #winning

This dress I picked up in a Mind Uk charity shop for just £8. I’ll be honest, it’s a bit tight around the chest area, but I loved it so much I decided comfort is overrated. It’s in perfect condition and I would totally wear it to date night. It just shows, if you look for it, you can find it.



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