Getting your sh*t together

Getting your sh*t together

2018 has certainly gotten off to a slow start and that has been completely down to me. It’s taken over a month to start writing this post and I’m on my bloody laptop everyday! But I have little tricks I always follow to help me get my shit together and start doing all the things I want to achieve which I’m going to share with you (aren’t you lucky).


If you haven’t checked out Pinterest, you need to get on it. It is the perfect tool for planning and procrastinating at the same time. I’m on Pinterest most days and Pin a whole range of bits and pieces. It inspires me. For instance, my ever growing collection of Food boards encourage me to cook at home and actually attempt to make something that doesn’t taste like feet. I also use it to plan outfits, hairstyles, interiors, holidays and progressions in my Zero Waste Journey. If I pin it, it’s a plan. I refer back to my boards whenever I shop or finalise an idea to make sure I’m only doing exactly what I originally planned and not getting sidetracked by something sparkly.


Writing a list is a dream. I like to write my lists at the start of the day, so that I can schedule the day into sections based on what I need to get done. It’s even better when you have quiet a large collection of stationary from The Paper Gang (a great gift for someone if you’re stuck).


I always surprise myself with how thirsty I am. I’ll sometimes go for hours without having a drink, then find myself slumped on the sofa wondering why I have no energy. Drinking a glass of cold water wakes you up, gives you energy and focusses all those crazy thoughts. I’d recommend always having a glass of water there, right next to you, tempting you to take a sip. It becomes very revealing when you come to the end of the day and realise you’ve drunk 2 litres without even thinking about it.

Meal Plan

Alongside drinking lots of water, eating correctly and regularly is so important for focus. Planning meals sounds like a drag, and although it isn’t exactly a day out to the water park, it is very fulfilling. Knowing you have that Sourdough bread really to make sandwiches for the week fills me with a sense of calm (I don’t care if it’s hipster, it’s bloody delicious).

It’s one less thing to think about. I tend to do my meal planning on the weekends for the working week. I don’t want to plan out my weekends meals completely, where’s the fun in that? I’ll also leave gaps where I know I’ll have time to cook something snazzy, but mainly I’m making sure I have lunch at lunchtime. When you don’t have a set work schedule it can be pretty hard to eat at the right times and you’ll suddenly realised it’s 4pm and you haven’t eaten since breakfast. Keeping your body fuelled gives you more time to do all that stuff you’ve been thinking about.


That’s right. Visualise it. Picture yourself achieving that task and the results afterwards. Add music to it if you really want to. It really helps and can motivate you to get that shit done. You may feel like J.D from scrubs, but don’t worry, no one will know you’re daydreaming about completing that list you wrote this morning.

Fingers crossed this will help you get your shit together and if not, just procrastinate on Pinterest.

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