How to use Instagram in your marketing strategy

How to use Instagram in your marketing strategy

To grow a business you need a marketing strategy and most will have one. But what I see constantly in the drinks industry is the neglect of social media in strategies. In this post, I’ll explain how you can use Instagram as part of your marketing strategy and guess what? It’s all free. You won’t have to spend a penny. How great is that?


Instagram Feed


The first thing to look at is your Instagram feed. You want to have a balance of lifestyle and product shots. I understand that your product is you baby, but remember Instagram is a social platform. You need to find a balance between the two so that your entire account isn’t a glorified sales pitch.

Two accounts that I think do this really well are Mother Root and Scapegrace.




In the drinks industry, we all know each other. This is an opportunity that could grow your Instagram community very quickly. By hosting takeovers on likeminded accounts you get to reach a new audience who you know will be interested in your product.
Products and venues, this is the perfect one for you! You’re already doing takeovers in person, why not take it online too?



Instagram Stories


Posting a photo of your product to your feed simply isn’t enough on Instagram. You need to show more sides of your business to your audience. They want to get to know you and Instagram stories are the perfect way to do this. There are many ways you can do this depending on your business.
FAM bar takes their audience on their team outings, so you can see the team building their knowledge and behind the scenes of brands they serve at the bar. Gusbourne wine shows its team harvesting. There are unlimited ways to let your audience in and help them feel part of your brand.




Consistency is key in all aspects of your business but on Instagram, it’s especially important. You need to stay consistent in your posting and theme. Another way of build that consistency is to create a weekly series, something your audience can expect and tune in for.
Here are some ideas you could use.

– Recipe of the week
– Get to know the team
– Share tips


Create a branded hashtag


It can be hard to stand out on Instagram, but one way you can attract an audience and create a community is through your own branded hashtag. The word-of-mouth style marketing on Instagram can build your brands reputation and really spread the word!

Drink Dalston’s and The Artesian have great examples of this. They’ve put they’re hashtags clearly in their bio, where their community can find it and then use it on their own posts (you might even be able to use some of these posts on your own feed).




Instagram Audit


And there you have it! As a little treat for taking the time to improve your social media strategy, I’ve created a free Instagram Audit for you. This audit can be used to analise you current Instagram profile and help set goals to improve your page. Cheers!

DOWNLOAD DrinkswithHebe Instagram Audit

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