Jolene, Newington Green

Jolene, Newington Green

New kids on the block, Jolene, have been creating quite the buzz.  From looking at their website, or even strolling past their front door you might be a little curious, but unsure of what delicacies hide behind the glass frontage. Curiosity is what brought my little feet through that door and boy am I glad.
Jolene is the third restaurant from the team behind Primeur and Western Laundry (both of which I’ve been dying to try). The daily changing menu focuses on great ingredients, carefully sourced from selected producers. It may look simple, but these guys understand flavour and are ready to show off how simplicity can shine. 


We headed down on a Saturday morning. The restaurant opens at 9:30 am and serves pastries until the kitchen opens at 10 am. We were pretty hungry, I’m one of those people who wakes up starving and can’t focus until I’ve eaten, so we strolled over to the table of freshly made pastries. One of the staff was on hand to help us choose and she then very kindly brought over our choices.


I went for the classic Pain aux Raisin and Nate chose the Apple turnover, which I always thought was more a dessert item. But since I recently had an ice cream sandwich for lunch I can’t really talk.
The best part of getting to Jolene for when the doors open is that the pastries are still warm. As the weather gets colder, there is nothing like a freshly baked croissant to warm your soul.  

Second Breakfast

With half an hour to eat our pastries and gaze at the menu, when 10 am came around we knew exactly what we wanted. I chose the Yoghurt with honey and walnuts, whilst Nate picked out the fried eggs on toast. Simple sounding right? But this is what makes Jolene great. They don’t feel the need to pile as many flavours on the plate as they can manage. They understand that great ingredients don’t need a lot of work. 

The yoghurt was zingy and fresh. I was so glad they had only drizzled a light honey over the top, as that yoghurt didn’t need to be made into a sticky mess. The serving is dainty but leaves you with a healthy dollop of satisfaction.

It was one of those breakfast/ brunches that left me feeling very satisfied, but not overly stuffed. Although I love filling myself with food until I can’t move, when I have the day ahead of me I like to feel fresh and energised. I cannot wait to return to try out the evening menu and what looks to be an exciting wine offering.

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