Luminary Bakery, Stoke Newington

Luminary Bakery, Stoke Newington

If you haven’t visited Stoke Newington yet, you must. It’s full of places to brunch and shop, perfect for the weekend and a place I’m lucky enough to call home.
A new addition to the Stokey cafe culture is Luminary Bakery, a social enterprise that offers women the opportunity to grow their skills and build a future for themselves. I’d popped in once before when they had a little bake sale and was really pleased to see what they had been up to. Now they are open every Saturday, so I visited to show some local support. #supportyourlocal


The way the little cafe has been designed is perfect. A few seats outside and a large kitchen table in the centre with a couple of smaller table around it.


The seating is all by Ercol and there are brochures on the table to browse through their collection (I wanted everything in it).


Something I’ve always loved in interior design is simplicity. Knowing when to stop is a great talent and Luminary Bakery have nailed it. The addition of plants on the tables and a few above the coffee machine made the space feel homely and bright.


I quit coffee this year, so although the coffee offering looked amazing, I opted for a Green Sencha tea. The teas were all lined up on the front counter, so there’s the option to have a smell before you pick.
If you know me, you know how much I hate tea being made poorly. If you leave it in too long it gets bitter!! So the joy I felt when the tea was served and I was kindly told by the lady who brought it over, “When the timer is done the tea will be ready”. Yes! Someone who knows how to make sure the tea is brewed to perfection. (I also noticed the loose leaf tea was in a little pouch/ teabag, which made it so much easier to remove.)


The ladies were so right. The timer finished (Which I almost missed because I was too busy gawping around) and the tea was delightful. Velvety and fresh, not a bitter note in sight.


My only regret is that we didn’t buy any of the sweet treats, but we did buy a loaf of bread to make French Toast with. At least here’s always next weekend and I’m really looking forward to spending more time here.


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