Masters of Smoke

Masters of Smoke

There’s exciting news for all you knowledge thirsty boozers. Ardbeg has launched Masters of Smoke, a new bartender education programme which delves deep into the science of smoke (and not just from a whisky perspective).
The programme will deliver in-depth training on smoke across the globe. Yes, no matter where you are in the world, you can take part! It’s a brilliant educational tool that can change the way you think about smoke, not only in the whisky you’re pouring but in the drinks you’re creating as well.

Education and Creativity

There are so many different elements of smoke, that I had no idea existed until the Masters of Smoke launch. The team at Ardbeg are expanding the education of the booze trade by pulling knowledge from experts in fields outside of our own. These include experts in the fields of malted barley, BBQ chefs and more so that you can get down and dirty with all things smoke-related.

The lessons you’ll be taught are tailored to give you the tools to create new innovative serves and experiences. Masters of Smoke is here to elevate your knowledge and provides the tools to expand your creativity.

Programme Tools

•            The Smoke Schematic 

The Smoke Schematic is one of the building blocks of the Masters of Smoke programme. It shows that there is more than one type of smoke.I’d never even thought about this fact and was honestly surprised when I was shown the variety of smokes. The schematic gives a visual description of the five flavour worlds of smoke – Savoury, Wood, Coal, Herbal, and Medicinal .

•            The Peaty-odic table

The Peaty-odic Table reveals the chemistry behind Ardbeg’s smoke. It was on display at the launch and it was incredible. I could have stared at it all day. This tool allows bartenders to quickly identify the colour, smoke and non-smoke flavours of Ardbeg’s core range.
It also comes in handy when creating cocktails or food pairings that complement the range of Ardbeg whiskies.

How to get involved

Masters of Smoke training sessions will begin in September 2019, last around 2 hours and are completely free, so there’s no reason not to get involved.
You can register your interest now (it takes two seconds) at

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