Review: Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

Review: Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

So I was very lucky and was sent a mini Glamglow face mask to review. Although I didn’t pay for this product, I have been completely honest in the post below.

Seeing as I needed to try out this face mask, I thought I’d go all out and have a pamper Sunday.

I started with my favourite face wash. I always use Liz Earle and at the moment I have their Rose & Cedrat Cleanse & Polish. It smells amazing. You simply use a little bit on dry skin and then polish off with their cotton cloth and hot water. IMG_3718.JPG

Next I used the all important Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate mask. I followed the instructions on the back of bottle, just to make sure I didn’t ruin my face. Plus I’m a goody two shoes and couldn’t possibly use something without reading the instructions.


The colour of this product is a strange beige/ brown/green, but it does look very natural. I didn’t quite use this whole bottle, so I still have a little bit left. IMG_3720.JPGSee those weird dark bits all over my face? I have no idea what they are and they kind of felt like that bit of moisturiser that’s left on the outside of the bottle that just doesn’t rub in. The instruction say to leave it for 10 minutes and that you’ll feel a slight tingling. Slight my arse. At one stage I thought about washing it off because that tingle really stung, but I soon got used to it and it wasn’t as bad as I first thought.

After the 10 minutes I washed off the mask with warm water in a circular motion to exfoliate. The mask kind of had a sand texture, so it was a little bit rough but it did certainly exfoliate.

Once the whole mask came off my skin felt so smooth and soft. I think my skin is a little bit sensitive, but as you can see below, there is no redness or marks.


I finished by moisturising with Lancôme La Vie best Belle. It is my favourite and has the most amazing smell. It also give a little shine, like a natural highlighter.  With a touch of eye make up I felt all pretty and ready to sit on the sofa all night.IMG_3723.JPG



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