Sans Pere, Old Street

Sans Pere, Old Street

This is a discovery I cannot get over. I have only been twice and all I can think about is when I’ll be going again.

Sans Pere is a sweet lifestyle house, but I’ve only experienced the coffee side so far. Their interior design is incredible. Very simple, but obviously very well thought out. The tables have a subtle green tint with black legs (honestly took me a good 10 minutes to notice). One wall is covered in a dark green fabric, which adds a softness to the whole space. The coffee bar is white granite with a Khaki green base. Another fantastic surprise was the cutlery, instead of your usual silver, they were an amazing carbon black.

Lighting is a interior design element that always fascinates me and the lighting at Sans Pere is inspiring. Opaque circles hang form the ceiling with a moonlight glow. When you look closer the circle’s are lined with LED lights. Very clever.





The food is delicious and unbelievably good value for money. There’s a selection of salads hidden around the corner from the counter, which I certainly will be indulging in next time.


For my first visit I went for the London Shoreditch classic; Avocado on Toast. Bloody tasty and the addition of spoked paprika made my heart sing. Plus look at how neatly that avocado is sliced!


The other half went for Dippy Eggs and Soilders, possibly my favourite breakfast item and ultimate comfort food. That childish action of dipping your soldiers in the eggs will instantly make anyone smile.Enlight84.jpgEnlight83.jpg

Drinks wise I wanted to try the beetroot latte. Don’t judge me! I’m curious to know how it tastes seeing as it looks so pretty, but they were out of beetroot. Sad times. So a Matcha latte it was. Very dry, as Matcha is, but the creamy milk balanced it out perfectly.Enlight82.jpg

Sans Pere is now my perfect spot between home and work, The place I can go for good food, great drinks and some of the best people watching around.

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