Skyline Skating with John Lewis

Skyline Skating with John Lewis

I love London at Christmas time. The lights, the cocktails, the markets (the hot booze is definitely my favourite). It always fills me with a warm, fuzzy feeling despite my fingers always being 10 degrees colder than the rest of me.
One of the most magical parts of London at Christmas are the experiences you can do. I love to try new things and I adore activities with a theme!

It’s become a little tradition of mine is to visit the John Lewis rooftop on Oxford Street to see what they’ve done with the place and have a little look over London. This year they’ve teamed up with Sipsmith Gin and have added an ‘Ice Rink’  which although being made of plastic works just as well as the real thing.
The reasoning behind this sky-high activity is the historic winter markets that would happen in the 17th century on the frozen river Thames.  This would have been when Gin was everwhere is London and many market stalls would serve it hot with Gingerbread. 

I used to be able to ice skate quite well as a teenager, I’d fly round the rink and could even skate fairly confidently backwards. I was hoping I’d still have those skills. I was wrong. I spent most of the time shuffling around, barely taking my left foot off the floor and even managed to fall over whilst standing still.
Yet I still loved it! The rink is quite small, so you get a great rush of achievement everytime you complete a lap.

After whizzing around the rink, you can pop to the bar and order a Hot Gin toddy or even make your our Gingerbread sour. For my next trip, I’ll also be booking a table in one of the private huts where you can enjoy classic British Pies. 

Tickets are £8 for a half an hour slot (we totally stayed for a little longer than that) and Skates are included.  
Book tickets here.

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