Starting Spring fresh

Starting Spring fresh

Spring is finally here and it’s put me in the mood to freshen up the flat and have an all-around Spring clean. I have a 50l bag of compost on the way for the new seeds I’ll be planting on the terrace and have hoovered every inch of the flat (bar part of the stairs, honestly it’s the hardest part to reach and the plug sockets just aren’t close enough). I also, coincidentally, was due to an upgrade on my phone and thought why the hell not. But with a new phone comes the problem of finding the perfect case. Luckily this is when Caseapp got in touch and thank goodness they did.

Caseapp allows you to create custom phone and laptop cases or simply choose one of their brilliant designs. I went for a mixture of the two and started by designing my phone case. Knowing I wanted polka dots of some form, probably in black and white to make sure it goes with every outfit. I found an amazing pattern and simply uploaded it to the Caseapp website and followed the instructions. It couldn’t be easier. There are plenty of other details you can add, like text and icons but I’m a simple gal and one pattern was enough for me.

Next up was my Macbook. I was really struggling to decide on a design I wanted, I knew I needed something that would look professional. But at the same time, I needed to like it. In the end, I decided to have a look at the Caseapp designs to find inspiration. I went for one of the many marble designs and I am so happy with it. The skins come in a sort of sticker format and feel a bit like a mousemat. Luckily they’re sticky enough to peel off and stick on again. (I stuck it on very wonky the first time.)

If you do feel like having an explore of the Caseapp website then you can use the code HEBE20 to get 20% off.


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