The best way to spend summer in the City

The best way to spend summer in the City

In this heat there is one thing you must get done in London. Outdoor Cinema.  I went a year ago with Luna Cinema and it was incredible. I got so excited that as soon as the sun came out again, I was straight on the internet to buy tickets.

This time I opted for the Rooftop Film Club, just to try something different. We went to see The Princess Bride at Queen of Hoxton. If you haven’t seen this film yet, pause on reading this and go get tickets.


Queen of Hoxton has a really cute rooftop with a bar and street food. Their theme at the moment is Peter Pan and they’ve got so many little nods to the story. Like this wall of clocks and mermaid chair.


We started off by getting a drink at the bar, I was a little bit too cold for one of their boozy slushies, so I opted for a cider. We then went up to the Cinema stand where they had popcorn, sweets, headphones (to listen the film) and blankets.


Before the film started there was a bit of time to take in the view of the beautiful London skyline. Then we took our seats and snuggled in for a movie whilst the sun set.


The evening was so much fun and I am so looking forward to doing it again. Though blankets are life savers, you’ll be amazed how cold it gets once the sun goes down.

I’d love to go again before the British summer is over. The question is, what film should I see next?



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