Victory Mansion, Stoke Newington

Victory Mansion, Stoke Newington

Victory Mansion is one of those places. I go there, I leave and I wonder why I don’t go there more often. It’s so close to where I live, it’s always open when I want to go out and yet I’m hardly ever there. I guess that’s the downfall of London, an unlimited offering of eateries and new openings mean that many businesses don’t get that repeat custom.



The interiors of Victory Mansion are a bit of a mix match. It’s as if a 1940’s Rum Shack met a bric-à-brac shop and bumped into a Victorian Parlour. One wall has an amazing Palm Leaf print wallpaper. I have a massive thing for well done patterned wallpaper, even on one wall it came make a space 10x more interesting. This particular wall has a bar shelf with a couple of high stools and I would totally sit there if I was brave enough to venture out alone.  The other walls are decorated with vintage posters and drinks prints in mismatched frames. Some of the tables have a modern edge which I don’t think quite matches the rest of the interiors, but the glass bottles with meadow flowers in them bring the room to life. I sat at the bar in the corner and was right next to a vintage typewriter, a stack of books and a vase of leafy flowers. Makes you feel right at home.



The Brunch menu is an eclectic mix of classic brunch dishes with an Asian twist (I’m not sure why there’s an Asian theme) like, Thai style pork sausage, umami paste, fried egg, bacon, sweet potato crisp, avocado or Charred asparagus & sprouting broccoli, seaweed & kaffir lime, poached egg, lotus crisps. I opted for Smashed avocado, crispy sichuan quinoa & poached egg on toast. This also had feta on, not something I’d usually go for on the first meal of the day, but it may have been slightly after midday when I finally made it out of bed and into the world.



There is an option for ‘bottomless brunch’ drinks, but my belly is just too small to handle all that liquid, so I just went for a JJ Lister (Aperol, Fresh Orange Juice and Grapefruit Juice). Zesty, fresh and I was certainly counting it as one of my five a day.


It was one of the very few times I have actually ‘brunched’ and I’ll certainly be doing it again.


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