Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding Dress Shopping

What an exciting time. I had often dreamed about finding my wedding dress and to be completely honest over the years the picture in my mind constantly changed. So when it came to finding the dress for that special day, I knew I had to get it right.
I started with a Pinterest board. Pinterest is my life when it comes to planning and the wedding has flooded my private boards since the day Nate proposed. On this board, I pinned every single dress I liked. I didn’t think about price or practicality, I just wanted to find a common theme to understand what my style was. 

Thousands of pins later, I had my appointment booked for David’s Bridal with a clear idea of the style I was looking for. (It was backless if you hadn’t guessed already) 
I explained my style and showed the shop assistant my Pinterest board for reference. All of the dresses I tried on were chosen by her.

Dress One

This dress I had tried one once before on a spontaneous shopping trip and had already decided it wasn’t the one for me. The frayed edges made it feel unfinished and it didn’t make me feel special enough. If there’s one day you want to feel special, it’s your wedding day. 

Dress two

The second dress really felt like a wedding dress. It was heavy and the fabric just felt luxurious. I didn’t think I would like the halterneck top, but I was pleasantly surprised. I especially loved the covered buttons that went all the way down the back of the dress. This was a strong contender at this point, as it really made me feel like a bride. 

Dress three

This dress was really similar to a lot of dresses I’d pinned to my Pinterest board, but as soon as I looked in the mirror I knew it was far too glam. The pictures don’t show just how sparkly this dress was. It did make me think that if I ever go to a black-tiee event or a ball, I would love to wear a bold sparkly dress. 

Dress four

Dress number four blew me away. The skirt had so many layers, that I just felt like a princess. The way it flowed when I moved and had the appearance of mistiness, thanks to very thin chiffon was magical. The only problem was the top half. Just like dress number three it was way too much sparkle. For our venue and style of wedding, it just wouldn’t fit.

Dress five

This was the dress. It had everything I wanted and you’ll just have to wait for the next blog post to see it…

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