What I discovered at London Coffee Festival 2019

What I discovered at London Coffee Festival 2019

London Coffee Festival happens every spring at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. It’s an amazing collection of everyone from the coffee world, but one of my favourite parts is that it includes all the elements that go into creating an amazing coffee shop. You have the equipment, packaging, soft drinks, snacks and even a few boozy numbers.
Even though I’m more of a tea drinker (You can read more about that here) there was still plenty for me to taste.
I spent a day at the festival discovering new products and reintroducing myself to ones I’d already tasted but had forgotten about. Here’s what I found…

Cold Brew Tea Co

First up was Cold Brew Tea Co. I love finding new soft drinks that aren’t fizzy or too sweet. The kind you can take along to a picnic in the park on a summers day to quench your thirst. Brew Tea Co. offers just that. A refreshing cold brew, with a hint of sweetness to balance the bitter tea notes. Honestly, I could drink this all day.

Good & Proper Tea Co.

Good & Proper Tea Co.

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, why not? Go search @drinkswithhebe) you’ll have seen I’ve been a keen fan of Good & Proper Tea Co. for a while now, so I couldn’t not visit their stand. I had a little cup of hibiscus tea which is packed full of vitamin c as I’m a little under the weather. I really recommend visiting their cafe on Leather Lane for a cuppa & crumpet.


Have you ever had a drinking vinegar? Yeah, I need to a whole other post on those. But before then, you might want to start on Switchel. These ready-to-drink drinking vinegars are a great place to start and I’d really recommend the Matcha, Lime and Mint, it’s very fresh. They also have a huge host of health benefits, so you’re body will thank you.

Flat Brew (Cofee Spread)

As someone who stopped drinking coffee a couple of years ago, I’ve kind of missed that coffee flavour in my life. Enter Flat Brew. These guys take coffee beans in the same way you would a cocoa bean and make spreads. Oh my goodness they are delicious. Smother them all over pancakes or just grab a spoon and eat straight out of the jar.

ChariTea/ Lemonaid

Fridge full of ChariTea and Lemonaid

I don’t even know where to start with these guys. ChariTea is an amazing company, not only do they donate 5 cents for every bottle bought to their charity, but they also make delicious soft drinks. These are my hangover pick me up, especially the black or the green.
The Lemonaid’s are delicious all year drinking. I love the blood orange and could sit with that on my terrace for hours.

Karma Cola

Another ethical company is Karma Cola. I’ve been familiar with their Lemony Lemonade for a while but was delighted to discover they have created their own Orangeade. Damn, that stuff is good. It takes me right back to my childhood when fizzy orange drinks were such a treat.
These products come in glass bottles, but there’s something about the little cans that just makes me really happy.

UpCircle (Coffee scrub)

The first time I visited the London Coffee Festival I was introduced to a brand that made body scrubs from leftover coffee grounds. I bought a bottle and was thrilled with the results. So when I spotted UpCircle I knew I had to test their body scrub to see if it matched up.
UpCircle is also made from spent coffee grounds which are collected from coffee shops all over London. They’re then mixed with shea butter and a lemongrass essential oil (amongst other bits) to create a beautifully aromatic scrub. I had it tested on my hand and can confirm that it was much smoother than before, so I bought a bottle.

Dalston’s Soda

You might have seen these guys around, maybe their Lemonade or Ginger Beer, but have you seen the latest additions? These fruit flavoured soda waters come as your usual soda, or in a light version. Both still hold up that natural fruit flavour, but the light range is much more delicate. I’d suggest using the light range to mix with spirits and drink the fruit sodas straight from the can.

Something & Nothing

Fun story on how I got to know this brand. Some of you may be aware of my fiancé’s occasional drunk shopping. One of his late night purchases was 24 cans of Yuzu soda, which I was not overly impressed by. Turns out the stuff was delicious and he was quickly forgiven by the time I finished can three.
Now that was some time ago, in fact, I’d almost forgotten about Something & Nothing until I spotted that familiar branding from across the room. The two expressions that I hadn’t tried were the Hibiscus and Rose and the Cucumber Seltzer. Honestly, I’m buying 24 cans of these to stock up my fridge. They’re so delicious and somehow feel healthy without being boring.

Minor Figures

There are very few people that don’t recognise the iconic Minor Figures branding. Their bright colours and illustrated characters have created an unforgettable label. I’ve often seen their dairy milk alternatives, but I wasn’t really aware that their main product is their ready-to-drink coffees. As a non-coffee drinker, I was a bit wary, but these really hit the nail on the head. There’s no added sugar and no dairy…perfect! I loved the latte but was intrigued by the mocha and will certainly be picking that up in my local Whole foods.


I saved my favourite until last. From my Instagram you’ll know I’m a big fan of Dash waters after sipping on many a can at Rosslyn (the best coffee shop in the city of London). I saw on twitter some time ago that they had brought out a new flavour, Blackcurrant, but just hadn’t gotten around to trying it. This stuff is addictive. It’s so light but packed full of that blackcurrant flavour. This is certainly my go to soft drink when I’m trying to avoid sugar.

And there you have it, my favourite discoveries from this years London Coffee Festival. If you try any of these do let me know what you think!

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